The Mayor is the chief executive officer for the village. This is a non-partisan elected position voted on by the electorate every four years. Some of the mayor's duties include; conducting council meetings, serving as an ex official member of all Mayor appointed standing committees of council, and serves as the chief law enforcement official of the village. The Mayor does not vote on any issues before council except if the council is dead locked in a tie vote. When this happens the Mayor must cast the deciding vote. The Mayor is required at the beginning of each calendar year to report to council the State of the Village, Submit to council for approval the members of council who will serve on the council committees and name a chairperson for each committee. The Mayor is also a member of the Village's Zoning Board.

Contact Info

Robert Wells
108 W. Main St.
Vanlue. Ohio, 45890
Term Exp.12/31/2025
(567) 208-3722

Village Council Meeting

Council Meeting