Veterans Parkway

The Hometown Heroes Banner Committee would like to update you with our progress made during 2022.  Additional poles were erected and there are currently 154 Veteran banners displayed in the Veterans Parkway, as well as 2 displayed at the Wildcat Cafe, with more to be scheduled to be raised next spring.  

May 1st, 2023 is the cut off date for new banners. This will allow the necessary time to purchase the number of poles needed and to ensure the banners are ready by Memorial Day. We do not plan on erecting any additional poles after that date.  Applications remain available at the Wildcat Café or online.

Along with adding more poles and banners as required, the Vanlue Garden Club will be assisting in the beautification by planting flowers around the newly updated signs. We will also be doing landscaping and spot seeding.

Currently several families or organizations have purchased memorial benches. Those benches will be installed during 2023. If you are interested in purchasing a bench in honor and/or memory of a Veteran, please contact Jeremy or Larry.

Check the Calendar of Events on this site for updates.

Once again, we would like to express a very grateful and hearty thank all those who have helped with this amazing project. Your support, in whatever way you have put forth, has made a positive impact for the Veterans Parkway.

See the below Relevant Documents for a cover letter explaining the program as well as an application form for honoring a Veteran.

Check back for more updates.


Contact Info

Robbie Brooks
Home Town Heroes Committee
(419) 957-0840

Leo Hendricks
Home Town Heroes Committee
1 (419) 315-8000

Jeremy Kloepfer
Home Town Heroes Committee
(419) 387-7091

Sharon May
Home Town Heroes Committee
(419) 387-7410

Larry Monday
Home Town Heroes Committee
(419) 387-7532

Amy Wiseley
Home Town Heroes Committee
(419) 722-1548